Top 5 Lipstick Colors To Rock For Winter

Winter is slowly approaching and what better time to start preparing for your new makeup routine than now. Although your entire face is important for a good makeup look, nothing beats a bomb lip color. We have the Top 5 Lipstick Colors To Rock For Winter. With the best lip colors for 2020, you might not need to do an eye shadow.

Currently, there are a few lip trends that are likely to take over this winter and cross over to 2021. So, if you’re ready to look fab and glam all winter, here are the top 5 winter lipstick colors 2020;

Orange/Pumpkin Red Lipstick

Red lipstick to rock for winter

Orange red lipstick shades are easily one of the most famous lip colors for winter. There’s something very elegant yet casual about rocking an BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter red lip color during winter. This shade has a variety of hues of light, warm, and deep skin tones. Plus, the right shade will flatter your skin tone and give you an instant glow effortlessly.

So, whether you’re rocking a lip stain, lipstick, or just a gloss, an BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter red color should be part of your makeup kit.

Dark Toned Lip Colors

BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-1 lipstick color for winter

Adorning your lips with a BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-1 colored lipstick might not be suitable all year round. However, winter is the perfect time to go crazy with your BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-1-themed makeup looks. From bold eyes to BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-1 lips, you can get away with anything during the winter. So, why not take all the attention to your lips, by rocking a BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-1, oxblood red this year?
An oxblood red and violet lip color are definitely among the 2020 lipstick color trends you should try.

Nude/Neutral Lipstick Colors

BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-2 lipstick is a top 5 lipstick colors to rock for winter

Neutral colored lipsticks always fall in the list of the latest lip makeup trends. This color is perfect for you if you love to keep it safe and want a simpler look. However, a good way to spice things up is to pair a simple lip color with bold eye makeup looks. Some of the top BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-2 lipstick colors have a shade for every skin tone.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting a wrong shade and looking “casket ready.”

Mauve Lipstick Color

BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-3e lipstick is a top 5 lipstick colors to rock for winter

Another one of the best lip colors for 2020 is a BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-3e shade. This lipstick shade is chic, classy, and perfect for that no-makeup type of look. This lipstick shade adds a flush of color to your lips and gives your natural lips that extra “umphh.” With this shade, you can be versatile with your makeup style this winter.

Whether you decide to rock a bold eye or just a very BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-1 liner, you will look glam and fab all winter. This is why this shade makes it on our top 5 lipsticks colors to rock this winter.

Earthy Clay Lipstick Color

BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-4y lipstick is a top 5 lipstick colors to rock for winter

The BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-4y clay lipstick color is a lipstick shade that compliments every skin tone and is a huge part of the 2020 lipstick color trends. This color is a combination of BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter, BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-2, and red, which gives off a stunning, go-to shade for everyone.

Also, what’s amazing is the fact that you can rock the BuyItBelle-Top-5-Lipstick-Colors-To-Rock-For-Winter-httpsbuyitbelle.comtop-5-lipstick-colors-to-rock-for-winter-4y clay lipstick color in other seasons.

There you have it, the top 5 lipstick colors to rock this winter in 2020! Although there are other fantastic colors you could choose from, you can never go wrong with these five. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping and get ready to look stunning and chic this winter.

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